Legal Review

SMJ’s large and deeply experienced team of attorneys uniquely offer both excellence in legal analysis and actual telecommunication projects work experience. Each SMJ attorney has been submerged in a wide range of hands-on project work experience, giving SMJ’s legal review an exclusive multilingual fluency in both legal analysis and in the realities of our partners’ developments. Legal expertise is thus paired with an instinctive responsiveness to risks and issues material to project realities that cannot be found in legal knowledge alone. The distinctive dual-nature character of SMJ’s legal review brings your specialists and our attorneys into exceptional cooperation by merging legal analysis and project reality into a single shared mindset. From institutional negotiations and wireless tower lease reviews to gaining zoning approval in difficult municipal jurisdictions, SMJ unites legal expertise with telecommunication projects work experience in an exceptional legal review solution that is applied to all legal aspects of telecommunications deployments, including:

  • Lease Audits and Review
  • Landlord Negotiation
  • Large Venue Lease Option and Easements
  • ROW Approvals
  • Title Research and Analysis